Sunday, January 21, 2007

behind the apron

Those of us who write about food often forget about ourselves in the process, that´s why Christiane/Fiber from 28 cooks created Behind the apron. Basically, she encourages food bloggers to share some pictures of themselves so that readers can see who is behind all that yummy food. It is quite a scary thought to post a big picture of myself for all to see, but then I realize how much closer I feel to the bloggers I have seen in pictures, I see that it is worth it, because, cliche as it might be, it is nice to put a face to a... blog.
In my case, I do have a tiny pic on my profile, but it doesn´t really say much. So I tried to gather some courage, and found it in my tiny golden puppies... an evil plan was born: I would post a picture with the puppies, that way, everyone would be too distracted to focus on me muahaha I know, I´m soooooo clever, I´m definitely proud of myself.
I´m new at blogging, so it´s not as if this is a big revelation after years of mystery, but it is quite weird for me anyway, hopefully all weirdos will be away from the computer today hahaha
Let´s hope this becomes a regular event so that more and more food bloggers "come out of the closet".
I promise that in my next post, I´ll finally talk about the famous World Peace Cookies :)

behind the apron


Seattle Tall Poppy said...

That first picture is stunning! I love the look in your eyes....

Anonymous said...

Very good picture! And, of course, I have to comment on how cute that little puppy is.

Marce said...

Seattle tall poppy- Thanks a lot :) What´s funny about the pic is that I took it myself, hence the funny angles.

Kristen- Thanks! I think everyone looks good wearing a cute puppie hahaha

Scott at Real Epicurean said...

It's always great to see another food blogger in the flesh. So to speak!

Anonymous said...

Great pic. And I love the puppy!