Saturday, November 25, 2006

bundles of joy

Yesterday was a great day, and it had nothing to do with the fact that it was Friday, or that I didn´t have a tight deadline at work, so I could afford to procrastinate. In fact, it had started out pretty badly since I went to bed at 2am and had trouble sleeping, fully aware that I was going to have to wake up at 8.30 in the morning.

Thing is, I had to got to the vet to find out if my Golden retriever, Maia, was pregnant. To make a long story short, I moved out of my parents´ house a few months ago, leaving my beloved Maia there with them. I really had no choice, even though I adore her, she´s the family dog, not my own, and plus she´s used to having an endless backyard to play in, a big house to roam, and so on. Anyway, it´s not as if I moved out to another city or anything, though I did move to the other side of the city, with a 75-minute bus ride in between. But I do see Maia every week... and the family, of course lol but this is an entry about her.

Anyway, Maia had had a very passionate love story with another Golden named Jamaica about a month ago. By very passionate I mean 3 sexual escapades in less than 24 hours. Yes, I know, poor Jamaica, he was struggling, but Maia was relentless, she went into total ninfo-mode and kept harrassing the poor dog lol

We had yet to figure out whether this lovely love affair had produced little bundles of joy. So yesterday we had scheduled an ecography (yes, they do those to dogs as well.) And indeed, the family is going to get bigger :) Not as big as we had expected since apparently she´s only having 4-6 puppies, which is quite little for a big breed. It´s quite impossible to explain how great that is for me. I mean, puppies playing, puppies running in the backyard all clumsily, can life get any cuter than that? AND, I´m gonna take one of them to come and live with me, which is going to be quite a challenge and a big change in my routine, but I just know I´m gonna love the whole thing.

Anyway, I present you one of the tiny little things (I mean, they really are tiny at this point, only 2.35 cm each.)


And this is the future mother:
maia fondo 2
Maia_una vida muy dura
maia sosteniendo puerta


Ivonne said...


That is adorable!!! Good luck to Maia with the puppies.

Marce said...

Thanks, Ivonne :) And keep up the great work with your blog, since it`s certainly inspiring.

The puppies are due around December 22nd, hopefully not around Christmas Eve because Maia freaks out with the fireworks.
I know I`ll keep posting about the different developments even if no one cares about it, specially since this is mainly a food blog. But, then again, I´m bossy like that... and not many people seems to be reading the blog anyway :(