Friday, December 01, 2006


WARNING: I´m seriously pissed off, so I´m about to vent with you, my lovely, yet silent audience.
I went shopping for some clothes today. I was all excited. I had a 20% discount in most shops in my neighbourhood, so I wanted to do some real damage, get cool clothes and feel all pretty. Well, it didn´t happen. See, I live in a country where all women are supposed to have a model shape, and if they don´t, well, that´s just too bad for them.
And yes, we do have a lower obesity rate than most countries, but you don´t even have to be obese to have a problem finding nice things to wear. I mean, I´m like 20 pounds over my ideal weight and my choice of clothes is quite limited to what I can find that I like and suits me decently.
I was sooooooooooo happy when I was in the US, I had thousands of choices, and if something didn´t fit me, I could just get a larger size. In fact, I usually got "small" stuff, sometimes "medium", never "large". Next time I´m there, I´m gonna go with a half-empty suitcase and have a blast creating a wardrobe as I please, not according to some anorexic idea of beauty.
See why I can´t indulge in my beloved cookies and cakes very often? If I did, I´d have to walk around in my birthday suit!!!! hahahaa

Ok, I feel better for now, rant over. Sorry about that, I just had to get it off my chest.

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