Monday, December 18, 2006

Xmas recap

Christmas is rapidly approaching and, as most people, I was caught pretty off-guard... though, as usual, I won´t be held responsible, it´s definitely the universe conspiring against me, not me for lack of planning, oh no, no, sir.
My mind is pretty caught up with work (since lately I am either working too much or not getting any work at all) and, of course, with the whole puppy-saga with Maia, which, luckily, seems better now. Sidenote, today I felt the puppy kicking and it was one of those Kodak moments... everything made absolute sense for a moment or two and it was just priceless :)
But going back to Christmas, I don´t what my whole role in the dinner and lunch will be, if I should be doing the dessert or what. I do have a personal variation of panettone planned, but I´ll tell you all about it once I make it... and that will be for what we call "mesa navideña" (Xmas table), which is full of turrones, garrapiñadas, chocolate-covered almonds and the like, and the typical "pan dulce" (panettone-like bread literally translated as "sweet bread"). But all that comes at midnight, after both dinner and dessert have been "brought to justice." It happens at midnight because that is the time to exchange presents and make a toast, and the time when all the fireworks start.
I just hope that each and everyone of us has a delightful Xmas (including the preparations, this is a time to enjoy! so just relax a little, everything´s going to turn out fine, even with a cookie or two less in the Xmas table ;)
Anyway, that´s the summary of my Xmas "preparations" or lack thereof. I´ll leave you with photos of tonight´s dinner at my parents´house. Drop me a line if you want any of the recipes and I´ll get my mom to share and then post them.

French onion soup
French onion soup

Swiss chard stalks lasagna (yu-mmy!)
Swiss chard lasagna

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