Thursday, February 22, 2007

I´m moving!!!

No, I´m not moving again, I´m moving from Blogger! Basically, I´m really bad when it comes to technical stuff and blogger was making it really hard for me to change my template.
So I´ve just relocated to Wordpress here which is more user-friendly and that´s exactly what I need. Bear with me for a while though because I just decided to make the switch today so my new banner has an accent problem and I still need to figure out how to put up that cool flickr flash thingy over there, among many other things.
But I do think this will be an improvement, and all posts have been easily imported, so it´s not going that bad so far.
So come on over and tell me what you think of the new place. See you there!!!


Peabody said...

I have wordpress and I like it a lot.

Marce said...

Yeah, so far so good, hopefully my technical stupidity isn´t too much for them to handle haha

Freya and Paul said...

Hi Marce! I'm a fellow Daring Baker and I have been thinking about changing blogs but not dared to yet! Good luck with the change over although I think Wordpress has a better layout for blogs.
Look forward to speaking to you via the DBs and seeing your first post!