Thursday, February 15, 2007

the "joys" of "motherhood"

yep, the quotation marks were truly necessary. You see, I´ve been missing in action because of work, but mostly because of the new member of my household.

playing wiht my fake sister

Yep, lovely, isn´t she? I introduce to you officially: Phoebe, readers; readers, Phoebe.

Well, although she is dreamy indeed, she is also particularly energetic these days... which means she likes to chew on wires, jump and bite me while I´m watching tv in the couch like the true couch potato I am.

Don´t get me wrong, I love her to bits and I knew puppies could be troublesome. I mean, we did raise Maia and she turned out great. But the main problem must be in the "we". This time, it´s all on ME... she depends on me for food, entertainment, everything. And she doesn´t seem to sleep as much as she should, which means I don´t get to relax as much as I should, which means my patience is not at its highest level at the moment. And it´ll be two more months before the vaccines kick in and I can take her to the park and let her blow off some steam and play with other dogs. In the meantime, I´m stuck at home trying to come up with a way to create a safe environment to leave her in when I have to leave the house for a few hours.

Ok, that´s enough... all I meant to tell you is that I haven´t forgotten about you... it´s just been a rough week for me and I´m adjusting to that before I jump back in the kitchen. I do have a few recipes I made last week that I have to tell you about. I´ll probably write about them in the weekend.

And I´m sorry for going off-topic like that. It´s just that this week is all about this

giving the teeth a little workout

instead of food.


Jenifer said...

Yay, PUPPIES! Congrats on becoming a new Mom. I can't wait to see pics of Phoebe as she gets older.

Kristen said...

She is just so beautiful! So cute, cuddly, sweet, snuggable, etc. Hope things get easier for you!

Marce said...

Jenifer and Kristen- Thanks! It´s slowly getting better as she realized I don´t share her energy level! lol
Now I´m back at my parents house for the weekend so she´s burning some of the extra energy with her mom, thank god! haha

Lis said...

Oh my God she's so beautiful! And I love the name Pheobe.. how cute! I remember about 4 years ago, raising our puppies - I hadn't done that for years and years and back then I the help of my sisters and parents.. but not this time! heheee They really do demand a lot of energy from their parents don't they? haha!

Chloe, my Aussie Shepard, was truly a test of my patience.. holy comoly, I still shudder at some of the things she pulled before she "got with the progam" ha!

Anyhoo.. congrats on your new lil daughter - she really is gorgeous!