Tuesday, February 06, 2007

out of service

Just letting you know why I´ve been missing in action: my modem decided to die on me and I have to wait till Thursday for my beloved ISP to come and give me a new one... so I have to abuse one of my friends´good nature and crash at her place with my laptop to meet all my deadlines at work (given that I work freelance at home).

I promise to be back in a few days with more dishes and pictures.

In the meantime, I leave you with some eye candy... of the puppie variety.

sisters in arms


stop snapping pics at me


shaq 3

And my favorite one:

playing in the garden


jenjen said...

So sorry to hear that your internet is down.
Although I can never resist a little bit of puppy eye candy, they are so adorable!

Kristen said...

Those puppies... I love them! I'm glad you aren't near me because I'd be tempted to come steal them all from you. They are just so precious :)

Marce said...

I know, I never get tired of looking at them, or holding them (though they do get tired of that now they are causing havoc while on their own 4 paws ;)

Monday is the big day, one of the puppies comes home with me! But more on that when it happens... yes, this is supposedly a food blog but I know I won´t be able to resist a post about the new member of my household.