Monday, January 01, 2007

Happy new year!!!

brownie with dulce de leche sauce and ice cream

No New Year resolutions here, just joy and good food. I mean, how can it be anything else when you start off the year with brownies, ice-cream and dulce de leche, surrounded by family and the cutest Golden Retriever puppies ever?
I can be ambitious, but that sounds like a perfect scenario to me.
This year was a pretty special year for me. Moving out of my house was a huge step which took a lot of courage and made me spend a lot of time examining myself, my goals, and my dreams... which ultimately led to a greater self-knowledge and a better appreciation of myself as a person, of the people I love and of the many blessing I sometimes take for granted.
It was so worth it. I had spent too much time in my comfort zone, and though change can be ladden with fear, when you get through it you realize what you´ve been missing.
I guess I do have a New Year´s resolution: I´m gonna try to challenge myself every step of the way, find new areas to explore and rejoice in the things I´ve already achieved. mmmmm I guess I am pretty ambitious after all hahahaha well, I did say "try".
But, seriously speaking, this blog comes as a part of that time of change, that opening-up period I´m going through, and also as a part of my love of all things food.
For me, food is a bit of an art, a means of expressing a cultural and personal identity. Of course it is about sensations and enjoyment, but for me it´s also about exchanging ideas and getting to know other cultures... I´m a translator after all, that´s what I do.
So my hope for this blog is to grow and blossom. And I´m also hoping to get to know you all a little more... so don´t be shy and talk back, that´s the whole point of this... I promise I won´t bite ;)

I wish you all a year full of

Surpise gifts (you get the present wrapped in a purple ribbon ;)
your present wrapped in a purple ribbon

life is hard

me??? what did I do wrong?

And love
sister loving


Kristen said...

Oh my...look at those sweet little faces. Congrats! Happy new year :)

Tebas said...

mmm... brownies.... (drool)

Tanna said...

The brownies look beautiful but the Golden mom is the best of all! I miss my Golden boy everyday. The are just so amazing. And now you have two puppies with her. Lucky.

Kate said...

What a beautiful mama....her eyes are so expressive, and her daughters are adorable. I wouldn't be able to tear myself away!

That was a nice post too, it sounds like you are on the right track for 2007.

Marce said...

I know, I had to come home today and it was hard leaving those 3 beauties. I´ll be back in a few days though, and I´ll get much more work done here.
These last few days, I was working on my laptop in the living room and I just couldn´t help but get up as soon as the puppies started crying haha I´m so weak!

Thanks for all the compliments for my girls, I´ll keep you updated with posts and photos... maybe even a video, now that´s an idea :)

Kristen- Happy new year to you too!
And I know some day, I´ll be lucky enough to get a gorgeous kitchen like yours.

Tebas- I´ll make some more brownies soon and you and Maite are invited to come and make them disappear.

Tanna- I know the feeling. I suffered like crazy back in August when I had just moved out and couldn´t see Maia every day. Maybe you should get a new golden. It certainly wouldn´t make the pain disappear, but it would create some wonderful new memories :)

Kate- Thanks! I´m trying my best not to run back there with them lol

bean said...

Ohmygod those brownies with the dulce de leche are gorgeous. And the pups are so sweet! Wise words about making changes, Marce... thanks for the reminder of that! Happy new year!