Thursday, January 04, 2007

Well fed network awards

I don´t have time to post the brownie recipe I´ve been meaning to post today (or the falafel-humus recipe I now recall I had mentioned). But I do want to tell you to check out the Well-fed network awards since I´m sure many of your favorites are nominated and the voting closes on Jan 9th.

Just go to and check out the different categories.

While we are at it, be sure to check out some of the sites mentioned there, I´m sure you´ll find many new favorites.

Some of my own favorites are nominated, like:

I promise to be back soon with a proper post (work permitting), but in the meantime, I´ll leave you with some more puppy pics since many of you seem to be enjoying them :)

I do not like the rain
As you can see, Maia doesn´t enjoy the rain at all. And that´s her
favorite "refuge", below my brother´s desk, either that or below the car.


the sisters again

And last but not least... seriously, can they get any cuter?



Kristen said...

We have many of the same favorites. Thanks for the heads up as I just went and placed my vote.

Love those sweet little puppies. I could just squeeze them, they are so cute!

Kate said...

Those little bellies and toes are priceless!! Thanks for many more reasons to sigh deeply and go "awwww"

Marce said...

I know!!! this is quickly becoming like Cute Overload hahahaha

It´ll go back to "calorie overload" soon though ;)... with a bit of cute in between, of course.

I´m in the process of designing a banner with the help of my brother, so hopefully you´ll like the new look.

Cate said...

Oh so cute!